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Catalog 2018-2019 
Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ELECT EAHEC - Rural Primary Care

ELECTIVE DIRECTOR(S): Dr. Wanda Thomas PHONE: 318.675.5770
ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT: Shirley Wilson Phone: 318-675-8963
AHEC Program Office, (Shreveport Program Office) Medical School, Rm 5-306
LOCATION OF ELECTIVE: Non-Metropolitan Communities in Louisiana
MAXIMUM NUMBER OF STUDENTS: maximum of seven students per AHEC site per block

4 credit

Complete Application REQUIRED for registration.  Only students with confirmed placement will be allowed to complete

    rotation under  AHEC.


Available on the web at




Goal: The student will have the opportunity to observe and participate in all aspects of the practice of primary care medicine in a variety of rural settings.  The student will gain both knowledge and insight into the practice of primary care medicine in a rural setting.

OBJECTIVE 1:  The student will obtain and write a problem focused history on a patient.  He will then describe the problem focused physical exam findings and the management plan developed.  The preceptor will critique the write up and give formal written feedback.

OBJECTIVE 2:  The student will compare and contrast how common disease processes are diagnosed and managed in an academic institution as opposed to a rural primary care setting. One of the disease processes will be written up and turned into the program office upon completion of the rotation.

OBJECTIVE 3:  The student will learn to differentiate between documentation requirements for billing and reimbursement for rural primary care settings and those required in an academic/hospital setting.

OBJECTIVE 4:  The student will create a successful community practice planned based on his experience in a rural primary care clinic. The practice plan will include time management, the doctor-patient relationship, office management and medical economics, medico-legal issues and risk reduction, appropriate referral practices, and continuing education.  This practice plan will be reviewed and critiqued by the preceptor and the AHEC program office. 

OBJECTIVE 5:  Students will be able to argue whether the location of the patient population affects the health of the patient based on experiencing the health care delivery model in both a community setting and a hospital/campus setting.

OBJECTIVE 6: At the conclusion of the rotation, the student will be able to formulate an enhanced differential diagnosis of a chief complaint.  This will be accomplished by through reading, other self-learning modalities, and practical knowledge gained during the rotation. 

 OBJECTIVE 7: Students will select one of 6 core topics; Inter-professional Education, Behavioral Health Integration, Social Determinants of Health, Cultural Competency, Practice Transformation or Current and emerging health issues as a topic of discussion based on one’s rotation in a rural or underserved primary care practice. At a designated time all Selective/Elective students will share their experiences and the better understanding they gained of one of the core topics during the rotation.

Nearing the completion of the academic year, students will attend a luncheon to discuss one of the before mentioned objectives. Please have your answers prepared so that a meaningful discussion may ensue.

Project Assessment:

Assessment of the new goal and objectives will be done via My Evaluation.  This is a school based assessment system which teachers/preceptors use.  It is based on ACGME requirements.


Resources for Learning:

                Participating Faculty:  Course Director, practicing local or AHEC Primary Care Physicians

Texts:  Recommendations of the preceptor; whatever the fundamental text book is for the specialty such as Nelsons Textbook of Pediatrics for those doing a rotation with a Pediatrician

                Hands-on-Experience:  Supervised evaluation of the patients seen in the primary care setting.

Website:; on Moodle, we need to list the text books relevant to each primary care specialty

























CONF                           HRS        WARD                     HRS        LAB                           HRS      LIBRARY                      HRS PRECEPTOR                 HRS        CLINIC                      HRS     LECTURE                  HRS            READING                      HRS

TOTAL NUMBER OF HOURS PER WEEK: 40+                















CONF                           HRS        WARD                     HRS        LAB                           HRS      LIBRARY                      HRS PRECEPTOR                 HRS        CLINIC                      HRS     LECTURE                  HRS            READING                      HRS

TOTAL NUMBER OF HOURS PER WEEK: 40+                

Blocks 1 - 11