Oct 22, 2018  
Catalog 2017-2018 
Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SELECT SIPYA - Acting Internship–Psychiatry

SELECTIVE CATEGORY: Inpatient Acting Internship
LOCATION: University Health Hospital-Shreveport, 10th Floor three students; PCU one student; CL one student
ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT: Marc Colon, M.D., 318.675.6045, Rm. 3-427
NUMBER OF STUDENTS PER 4 WEEK BLOCK: 3 inpatient; 1 Crisis Unit; 1 Consult service
COURSE CODE: SIPYAA - Inpatient; SIPYAB - Crisis Unit; SIPYAC - Consult Service NON-LSUHSC STUDENTS: No

1 credit

Primary Goals of Selective:

1. Deepen skill in obtaining and presenting a systematic and comprehensive psychiatric and general medical history

2. Perfect the skill to perform and present a systematic and comprehensive mental status examination

3. Learn how to distinguish psychiatric disorders from the many neurological and other general medical conditions that often mimic psychiatric disorders

4. Further develop skills in psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, and behavioral modification techniques to help patients with psychiatric disorders

5. Learn how to produce clear, comprehensive records document diagnostic and therapeutic efforts

6. Develop skills in teaching others

7. Develop skills to aid in lifelong learning

8. Develop skills in working in a team and team leadership skills

9. Develop skills to recognize cultural aspects of psychiatric illness

10. Improve communication skills, written, electronically and oral.



Specific Objectives:


1. Students will have primary responsibility for the care and treatment of assigned psychiatric patients under the supervision of residents and/or faculty.

2. Students will gain experience in the common and major mental disorders in patients hospitalized for acute or severe disease processes.

3. Skill in performing medical history, physical examination (including neurological exam), and mental status will be enhanced.

4. Students will extend their knowledge of fundamental principles of medicine and specific psychiatric disease entities through participation in conferences and through reading and other self-directed learning modalities.

5.  Learn documentation requirements.

6. Exposure to effects of social, cultural and societal problems and issues on health and mental health.

7. Develop skills in oral and written communication.


No more than 3 days during the 4 week rotation can be taken for interviews unless approved in advanced by director. ANY

absences in excess of 3 days will be required to be made up before the evaluation will be completed and turned in.


Resources for Learning:

The student will be assigned to an attending.  As an acting intern, the senior student will supervise junior medical students on the rotation.  The attending will meet with the student on a weekly basis for individual supervision.  Faculty will also observe interview skills while on the rotation.

Participating Faculty:   LSUHSC Psychiatry Faculty

     Texts:  Synopsis of Psychiatry, Kaplan and Sadock

Hands-on Experience: ward, PCU, and CL.

Computer Assisted Instruction: online

Directed Readings: y

Self-Directed Learning: y




Clinical performance and interview observation.