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Catalog 2013-2014 
Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ELECT EILEW - Web-Based Elective

Course Director: Sabeen Habib , M.D.
Co- Course Director: Gunjan Kahlon MD.
Elective Category: Online
Administrative Contact: Christi Rinaudo crinau@lsuhsc.edu
Phone: 318-675-4349, Room 3-144 Comp Care Building
Number of Students Per 2 or 4-Week Block: 30 Elective Available During Blocks: 4 - 7 only
Course Code : EILEW Non-LSUHSC Students Allowed: No

1 credit




To provide a self directed immersive learning experience in key clinical and investigative diagnostic skills.


·         Students will complete a 2-week online module in one of the following areas:  Dermatology, Electrocardiography, Radiology and Genetics. For those students completing a 4 week elective, they must choose two out of the three modules and one module cannot be chosen twice.

·         Pass the multiple-choice exam associated with each course ending with a cumulative score of 75% or greater


Specific Features of this Selective:

This elective web-based rotation will utilize scientifically researched and approved modules on the topics of Dermatology, Electrocardiography, Radiology and Genetics. The course directors will provide instruction to students regarding the way in which the online modules can be accessed and navigated. Because this course is “portable”, it is intended to provide students with a valuable educational experience during one of the three months of the senior year in which residency interviews are most numerous. Students may therefore, complete their assigned courses from any Internet accessible location. After completion of all portions of the assigned course, students will take a multiple choice exam ending with a cumulative score of 75% or greater.


Resources for Learning


Harvard website for EKG learning


Learning Radiology - Medical Student content


American Academy of Dermatology Medical Student Core Curriculum


A series of up to 34 modules and one set of procedural videos that can be covered in a 2 - 4 week format. Each module has goals and objectives, module instructions, questions and answers, take-home points, and references.

Genetics in Primary Care


There is a 10 topic course for Genetics in Primary Care on this site (under provider education) presented as both slide and webinar presentations. No quiz. 30 minutes each.

Evaluation: This is a Pass/Fail - Must Pass course. All course requirements must be completed by the end of the Block in which the course is taken. This includes completing online modules and passing the multiple-choice exam associated with the assigned course, with a cumulative score of 75%. Should a student’s cumulative score fall below 75%, he/she will repeat courses at a location chosen by the course director and also retake the associated final multiple- choice exam.

Blocks 5-7 only