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Catalog 2013-2014 
Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CEBIO 223 - Molecular Basis of Disease

2 Credits

Faculty member in charge: Kevin McCarthy, Ph.D., Cellular Biology and Anatomy. The course will serve to integrate basic science knowledge obtained by students in first year of graduate school with mechanisms of disease progression. The course will consist of five modules. Module 1, taught by the basis science faculty in the Division of Research of the Department of Pathology, will consist of 10 hours of lectures on the cellular response to disease from the basic science perspective i.e. the integration of the basic science information gained in year 1 of the curriculum into the context of disease initiation and progression. Modules 2 through 5 will focus on four “benchmark” diseases. Each module will consist of seven lectures, two of which will be given by Faculty with significant expertise in the clinical manifestations of the disease (basic pathology and pathophysiology) and five by the Basic Science Faculty within the Division of Research in Pathology. The pathology and pathophysiology aspects of the course will emphasize: 1) what is known about the disease from a clinical perspective; 2) unanswered clinical questions that need to be addressed from a basic science perspective. The Basic Science Faculty involved in the course will give lectures that 1) summarize what is known about the basic mechanisms of disease initiation and progression; 2) discussion how adverse modulation of well known cellular pathways/events contributes to disease progression; 3) provide insights to necessary venues of translational research. This course will be run within the Pathology track of the graduate program in the Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy.