Jul 04, 2020  
Manual of Procedure 
Manual of Procedure

Article VII. Administrative Council of LSU Health Sciences Center-Shreveport

1.0 Description

A similar Council structure shall exist, including the School of Allied Health Professions and the School of Graduate Studies Department Chairs and Deans, for matters of campus-wide concern.


The Administrative Council of the LSUHSC-S shall meet monthly; and at other times, upon call of the Chancellor or his/her representative. Meetings shall be open to members of the Faculty upon their written request. Executive sessions may be held by majority vote of the Administrative Council and shall be limited to members of the Administrative Council and other persons whom that Council deems essential to the conduct of the business of such a session.


The Chancellor, his/her representative, or the Secretary of the Administrative Council shall preside.


Fifty percent of the voting membership of the Administrative Council shall constitute a quorum.


Minutes of all meetings shall be kept for future use of the Administrative Council and the Chancellor.


Agendas for Administrative Council meetings shall be prepared by the Chancellor and shall be distributed to the members before each meeting. Members of the Administrative Council may submit agenda items to the Chancellor/Dean.


The items 4.1- 4.9 from Article VII shall apply to the duties with the Chancellor presiding over the meetings and having the same authority for these meetings as designated to the Dean in items 4.1-4.9.