Aug 13, 2020  
Manual of Procedure 
Manual of Procedure

Article V. The Administrative Council of the School of Medicine

1.0 Membership

The Administrative Council shall be composed of the Heads of the various academic departments or their designees; the Dean or his/her representative; and the Chair of the Faculty Senate or designated representative. Ex-officio members without vote shall include the Associate and Assistant Deans of the School of Medicine, the administration of the LSU Hospital in Shreveport, and other such persons as the Council deems appropriate. As such, the Administrative Council constitutes the senior administrative core of the Health Sciences Center.

2.0 Officers

The Dean or his/her representative shall serve as Chair of this Administrative Council. A Secretary shall be elected by the voting membership of the Administrative Council.

3.0 Meetings:


The Administrative Council of the School of Medicine shall meet independently of the LSUHSC-S Administrative Council (Article VII) when situations arise that dictate the need for such a meeting, or upon call of the Dean, or his/her representative. Meetings shall be open to members of the Faculty upon their request. Executive sessions may be held by majority vote of the Administrative Council and shall be limited to members of the Administrative Council and other persons whom that Council deems essential to the conduct of the business of such a session.


The Dean, his/her representative, or the Secretary of the Administrative Council shall preside.


Fifty percent of the voting membership of the Administrative Council shall constitute a quorum.


Minutes of all meetings shall be maintained in the Office of the Dean for future use of the Administrative Council and the Dean.


Agendas for Administrative Council meetings shall be prepared by the Dean and shall be distributed to the members before each meeting. Agenda items may be submitted to the Dean by members of the Administrative Council.

4.0 Duties:


Shall advise the Dean on matters pertaining to administration of the School of Medicine.


Shall undertake administrative functions assigned to it by the Dean.


Shall consider matters referred to it by the Elected Faculty Council and the Faculty.


Shall be responsible for implementation and execution of School of Medicine administrative policies.


Shall maintain a file of all appropriate minutes of each meeting in a place accessible to members of the Faculty who wish to review them.


May organize itself subject to this document and the LSU Board of Supervisors’ Bylaws and Regulations, in any manner appropriate to the accomplishment of its duties.


Shall consider any matter brought before it by the Faculty Senate or the Elected Faculty Council, which shall include Departmental reviews when deemed useful by the Dean.


Elect a representative to meet with the Elected Faculty Council who will report to the Administrative Council the deliberations of the meetings of the Elected Faculty Council.


May recommend policies to the Dean on subjects of concern to the School of Medicine.