May 17, 2022  
Manual of Procedure 2021 
Manual of Procedure 2021

Manual of Procedure 2021


This Manual of Procedure details the structure and operating procedures of Louisiana State University Health Science Center at Shreveport (LSUHSC-S). When followed as described, the Procedures will yield a record of the policies, goals, and experiences to guide ongoing pursuit of excellence. Responsibilities are defined and distributed among the faculty, committees, schools, and administration. Equally important, the means to make changes are made simple yet consistent with necessary stability.


This Manual is within the legal framework of the Bylaws and Regulations of the Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State University Agricultural & Mechanical College (BYLAWS AND REGULATIONS) and is subject to the authority of the Board of Supervisors and the Board of Regents and to the approval of the President of the Louisiana State University and of the Chancellor at LSUHSC-S. In the event of any conflict between this Manual of Procedure and the BYLAWS AND REGULATIONS, the BYLAWS AND REGULATIONS shall supersede this Manual of Procedure.

Manual Outline

Article I. The Faculty  

Article II. The Elected Faculty Senate  

Article III. Faculty Delegate Assembly of the School of Allied Health Professions  

Article IV. Standing Committees  

Article V. The Subdivisions  

Article VI. The Administrative Council  

Article VII. The Dean of the School of Medicine  

Article VIII. The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies  

Article IX. The Dean of the School of Allied Health Professions  

Article X. The Chancellor  

Article XI. The Right to Appeal  

Article XII. Amendments  


Version Effective September 7, 2021