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School of Allied Health Professions Student Handbook 2018-2019 
School of Allied Health Professions Student Handbook 2018-2019

Student Organizations & Opportunities

Students on Committees
Student Organizations
Student Government Association
Ambassador Program
Student Fundraising Policy 
Student Union
Alpha Eta Honor Society
LSU Football Tickets
Student Recreation


Students on Committees

Students have a participatory function on standing committees within the School of Allied Health Professions. 

A student representative is selected by the Office of Student Life to serve on the following committees:

Curriculum - This committee reviews any changes to program curricula that are being submitted to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The committee makes sure that the requested change is logical, is within the parameters appropriate for the course of study, and does not overly burden the course load of any semester. 

Alumni Affairs - This committee works to help keep alumni engaged with the School. The committee organizes and hosts special alumni events in coordination with the Dean’s Office and works directly with the Director of Alumni Affairs. 

Student Affairs and Recruitment - This committee works with the office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in developing policies and procedures that affect students. In addition, the committee works with the Director of Admissions on performing recruitment functions for our 7 academic programs. 

Community Outreach - This committee works with the Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs and Outreach to develop and implement programs in the School and community that educate the public about health and our academic and clinical program offerings.

Academic Affairs - This committee is responsible for developing academic policies for the School and for hearing appeals for any students who are having academic progression or misconduct issues. The committee works directly with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. 

All students should read and understand CM-11 Statement of The Student Role and Participation in Institutional Decision Making:

Student Organizations

SAHP Student Government Association

The LSU Health Shreveport School of Allied Health Professions’ SGA was formed in 1985 to take full advantage of the interest, enthusiasm, skills, and talents which students have to offer. The SAHP SGA is composed of two student representatives from each of the seven academic programs. The selection process varies among programs.

The SGA provides an outlet for social and academic interaction among all Allied Health Professions students. The structure provides for better and more equitable expenditure of Student Activity funds, as determined by the students. The SGA acts as a liaison between the student body and school administration and faculty. The SGA also hosts various campus events. 

The SAHP Director of Student Life serves as the advisor to the SAHP SGA. 

SAHP Ambassador Program

The LSU Health Shreveport School of Allied Health Professions’ Ambassador Program is a leadership opportunity for students who are dedicated to serving and representing LSU Health Shreveport. The Program is comprised of student representatives from each degree program at SAHP.

Student Ambassadors provide campus tours and perform duties at various school events, including Family Day, Alpha Eta Honor Society Awards, New Student Orientation, and Graduation Commencement Ceremonies.

The SAHP Director of Admissions and Records serves as the advisor to the SAHP Ambassador Program. 

Student Fundraising Policy

Fundraisers must adhere to the following guidelines in order to be considered for approval.

  1. All fundraiser requests should be submitted using the Fundraiser Request Form. Follow this link to access the Fundraiser Request Form:
  2. Fundraiser Request Form should be submitted to the SAHP Student Life Office (Rm 3-344 or 318-813-2898) no later than one (1) week prior to fundraiser. If a raffle is involved, the form must be submitted no later than four (4) weeks prior to the start of raffle ticket sales in order to obtain proper temporary gaming license through the LSUHS Foundation.
  3. Fundraiser ideas must be approved by the following, in this order:
    1. Program Director
    2. SAHP Student Life Office (at least one week prior)
    3. Dean of Allied Health
  4. Programs can individually set fundraiser guidelines in order to receive approval at the Program Director level.
  5. Fundraiser requests must be signed/approved by Program Director prior to being presented to the Student Life Office for approval. NO requests will be considered without Program Director approval/signature.
  6. Fundraiser must mutually benefit group AND SAHP in order to obtain use of LSUHS Foundation Tax ID information.
  7. All funds raised by approved fundraisers MUST be deposited into coordinating LSUHS Foundation account(s).
  8. Funds raised MUST be equally beneficial to all parties involved in fundraising efforts. Example: A class must participate as a whole and use any raised funds as a whole. If only a small number of students participate in fundraiser, then the funds should be equally divided by the total number of students in the class before being distributed for use by involved students. 
  9. If a class chooses to fundraise outside of LSUHS Foundation, the class should make no mention of LSU Health, LSU Health School of Allied Health Professions, or LSUHS Foundation in fundraising efforts.
  10. Approved fundraisers will be marketed on electronic media boards, e-Newsletter(s), and through Student Life group email. Note: Students are not allowed to send mass emails through LSU Health email system.
  11. Marketing/Design assistance is available at no cost through Student Life if requests are completed at least two (2) weeks prior to event/fundraiser.

Student Union

The Student Union, located at 1417 Woodrow Street (directly behind the Medical Center) is available for Allied Health students.

Policies for Use of the Student Union

  1. The hours will be 7:00 am to 11:00 pm every day of the week unless there is a special function, such as a class party, in which case the hours may be extended to 2:00 am.
  2. Special functions that are booked for the entire student body or an individual school may be booked on a yearly basis. Conflicts in the yearly schedule will be resolved by a meeting of representatives from each of the schools.
  3. Special functions that are to be scheduled for a class, or other subset of a school, can be booked in advance. However, no group can reserve the Union for recurring weekly functions without the consent of the Student Union Committee.
  4. Union reservations will be made through the School of Allied Health Student Life Office- Valorie Lurry @ Ext. 813-2898. 
  5. For each special function, one person shall be designated to be responsible for making sure that everything is in order at the conclusion of the function. All folding tables and stacking chairs must be placed back in storage after each special function. The contact person making the reservation will obtain the name of this person.
  6. Environmental Services has agreed to clean the Union on a daily basis and to provide cleaning and bathroom supplies. They also will provide cleanup after parties, if they are given a schedule of functions at least two weeks in advance. To accommodate this need, Room Reservation Services will send a monthly booking schedule to Environmental Services. But as a backup, it is the responsibility of the contact person from each school to notify Environmental Services directly.
  7. Consuming alcoholic beverages is not allowed unless there has been prior approval from the Chancellor of the Health Sciences Center.
  8. Excessive noise cannot be tolerated because of the close proximity of a nursing home and private dwellings.
  9. No parking on the grassy areas and no parking on the two (2) wide sidewalks leading up to the building. Parking is available in “L” lot after 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 24 hours on weekends and holidays.
  10. Please make sure you place no kegs or keg coolers inside the building. They must remain on the porch.
  11. The key you will check out from University Police will allow you access to the room on the right of the building before you enter. Extra folding tables and stacking chairs are stored there. And if you use the keg cooler, it should be placed back there after the party, but please leave it plugged in.
  12. There is a “panic” button for Univ. Police on the curved kitchen counter. Use it for emergency situations only. There is an ac/heat override button on the curved kitchen counter also. It overrides the computer system for 2 hour intervals, but you shouldn’t have to use it. When the building is reserved, our maintenance department is notified and they should adjust the temperature inside the building for the duration of the reservation.
  13. There is a wall phone in the kitchen area (675-8900) and a desk phone in the office (675-8901).
  14. Please make sure all lights/ceiling fans are turned off, inside and outside, and the building is secured before you vacate the building. There will be several security lights that will remain lighted. These cannot be turned off. They are programmed to stay on.
  15. It is up to the designated responsible person to post a sign at the Student Union in the case of a special function. This prevents the usage of the Student Union for other than the special function.
  16. ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, NO SMOKING INSIDE THE BUILDING. These policies have been established by the Student Union Committee that consists of student and administrative representatives from each of the schools that make up the LSU Health Sciences Center.

Alpha Eta Honor Society

The Alpha Eta Society is a national scholastic honor society that serves to promote and recognize significant scholarship, leadership, and contributions to the Allied Health Professions. Student initiates are nominated by their respective program faculty based on scholastic and leadership abilities reflected in their chosen professions. Initiates are celebrated at an annual awards dinner.


The PULSE is the LSU Health Shreveport yearbook, an annual student publication. A student volunteer is selected by the SAHP Director of Student Life to assist and prepare the Allied Health sections of the yearbook. The Pulse is distributed during the fall semester to all students who are enrolled full time during the previous spring semester. 

LSU Football Tickets

LSU football tickets are available to students each home game of the season. There are a specified limited number of tickets per game. The amount of tickets allotted to SAHP is based on the number of full time enrolled students. The tickets are made available through email at least one week prior to each home game. The first students to email Student Life at the designated time will be assigned a ticket for purchase. The student then has a documented time to pick up and pay for their ticket before an alternate is offered the ticket. Student ID must accompany the ticket in order to gain entrance to the LSU Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Student Recreation

In association with LSU Shreveport, LSU Health Shreveport students can participate in such intramural sports as football, basketball, soccer, and softball. Group exercise classes are offered as well. LSU Shreveport is located at One University Place, Shreveport, LA., 71115. Information regarding upcoming opportunities are can be obtained on the LSU Shreveport Recreational Sports website at: