Sep 20, 2019  
School of Allied Health Professions Student Handbook 2018-2019 
School of Allied Health Professions Student Handbook 2018-2019

Facilities & Parking



The physical address for the LSU Health Shreveport campus is 1501 Kings Highway, Shreveport, LA 71103.

Students need to familiarize themselves with the following buildings:

1. School of Allied Health Professions

The School of Allied Health Professions is located at 1450 Claiborne Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana 71103 on the south side of campus.

Ground floor:

Phone: 318-813-2967

1st floor:

Student Lounge (Room 1-129)

Student Computer Lab (Room 1-132)

2nd floor:

Physician Assistant Program Office (Room 2-252)
Phone: (318) 813-2920

Occupational Therapy Program Office (Room 2-244)
Phone: (318) 813-2950

Physical Therapy Program Office (Room 2-252)
Phone: (318) 813-2940

3rd Floor:

Dean’s Office (Room 3-336)
Phone: (318) 813-2900

Academic Affairs Office (Room 3-339)
Phone: (318) 813-2904

Student Life and Alumni Affairs Office (Room 3-344)
Phone: (318) 813-2898

SAVE Program Office (Room 3-344)
Phone: (318) 813-2904

Admissions and Records Office (Room 3-342)
Phone: (318) 813-2908

Medical Technology (Clinical Laboratory Science) Program Office (Room 3-336)
Phone: (318) 813-2910

Cardiopulmonary Science Program Office (Room 3-336)
Phone: (318) 813-2910


2. Mollie E. Webb Speech and Hearing Center

The Communication Disorders Program Office is located in the Mollie E. Webb Speech and Hearing Center located at 3735 Blair Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71103. The Program can be contacted at (318) 632-2015.

3. School of Medicine

Ground floor:

Bookstore (Room G-209)
Phone: (318) 675-5020

Weight Room (Room G-210)

Student Lounge (Room G-211)

University Police (Room G-213)
Phone: (318) 675-6165

Post Office (Room G-314)
Phone: (318) 675-5045

WOW Café/ P.J.’s Coffee (LSU School of Medicine on the ground floor)

Campus Federal Credit Union (Hospital Building Room E-G-14)
Phone: (318) 675-5395

Cafeteria (Hospital Building Room D-G-1)

1st Floor:

Registrar’s Office (Room 1-212)
Phone: (318) 675-5205

Bursar’s Office (Cashier) (Room 1-218)
Phone: (318) 675-5224

Main Auditorium (Room 1-400)

Library (Room 1-409)
Phone: (318) 675-5445

2nd Floor:

Medical Communications Photography Studio (Room 2-424)
Phone: (318) 675-5260

4th Floor:

Clinical Skills Center

8th Floor:

Anatomy Laboratory (Room 8-314)

4. Comp Care (Building A)

3rd Floor:

Occupational Health Office
Phone: (318) 626-0661

5. Administration Building

1st Floor: 

Parking and ID Badges (Room 1-123)
Phone: (318) 675-7651

4th Floor:

Student Financial Aid (Room 1-214)
Phone: (318) 675-5561

6. Student Union Building

The Student Union is located at 1417 Woodrow Street, Shreveport, Louisiana 71103.

Parking & Shuttle Services

Parking Office

Please visit the Parking Office website for full details regarding parking and traffic safety on the LSU Health Shreveport campus:

All vehicle registrations, parking decals, fine payments, and ticket appeals are conducted at the Parking Office located on the First Floor of Administration Building, room 1-123. The Parking Office is open 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and available by phone (318) 675-7651.

Student Vehicle Registration & Fees

All students who wish to park on LSU Health Shreveport property must register and pay to park. Upon vehicle registration, students are administered a parking decal. All registered vehicles parked on campus must display a current registration decal. New students are prompted to register their vehicles during orientation.

Fees for parking will be as prescribed and approved by the Board of Supervisors upon recommendation of the Dean and Chancellor. Student fees will be collected at registration. Student’s parking fees are as follows:

Annual Registration        $84.00

Summer Session Only    $21.00

Student Parking Lot Assignments & Shuttle Service

Allied Health students are assigned to park at Chevyland (M Lot North). Chevyland is located at 2627 Linwood Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71103. A security guard is stationed at Chevyland (M Lot North) during service hours. Chevyland is closed weekends and holidays. Students who are assigned to Chevyland can park in close-in lots after 2:30 p.m. on weekdays and all weekend.

A university administered shuttle service is available weekdays from 6:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. This service consists of a contracted charter bus. The shuttle runs to and from Chevyland and makes stops at the BRI Building and Allied Health Building. Specifically, the Allied Building shuttle zone is located at the Woodrow Street Clinic Exit.

Communication Disorders students may park in the lot at the Mollie E. Webb Speech and Hearing Center located at 3735 Blair Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71103.

Handicapped parking is available for students. Permanently and temporarily handicapped students should contact Parking Office for more information.

Parking Citations

Students in violation of parking regulations are subject to parking tickets and citations by University Police. All fines and fees must be paid within five business days to avoid a late payment penalty. Traffic citations are paid in the Parking Office located in Administration Building 1-123.

Citation appeals shall be adjudicated through the Parking Committee. It is the duty of the person wishing to appeal a citation to contact the Parking Office and complete the proper form within 5 days of citation issuance. The Parking Committee meets once a month.

Students with indebtedness to the University because of parking violations will not be permitted to re-enroll, graduate, or procure a transcript until such indebtedness is paid.