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School of Allied Health Professions Student Handbook 2017-2018 
School of Allied Health Professions Student Handbook 2017-2018

Admissions & Graduation

General Admissions Policies
Method of Application
Acceptance Deposit
Pre-matriculation Tasks
Student Candidate Agreement & Authorization for Alcohol & Drug Test
Federal Healthcare Eligibility
Certification of Selective Service Compliance
Criminal Background Check
Required Immunizations/Vaccinations
Student Health Insurance
Tuition & Fees
Requirements for Graduation
Degrees with Honors
Commencement Ceremony


General Admission Policies

Please refer to individual program’s websites for their respective admission policies:

  1. Admission to the various programs of the School is by competitive application.
  2. Preference will be given to Louisiana residents. Information regarding establishing LA residency may be obtained by the Office of the Registrar or on their website at
  3. Each program sets minimum admission criteria including required grade point average and pre-requisite coursework.
  4. Applicants must meet technical standards established by the respective programs.
  5. If an applicant is not accepted to a particular program the applicant must submit a new application for each application cycle to be considered for admission.
  6. Prior to the start of their first semester, accepted students are required to complete a pre-matriculation task list which includes a submitting proof of required immunizations and completing a drug screen and criminal background check via the approved university vendor. Failure to complete all pre-matiruclation tasks and forms may result in the applicant not being allowed to register for courses in the student’s respective program.
  7. Any applicant that is not an American citizen and does not have a United States permanent resident card, must meet the following admission criteria:
    1. Post-secondary level or college academic transcripts/records from foreign institutions must undergo a course-by-course, detailed evaluation by the Foreign Credentials Service of America. Upon application, official transcript evaluations must be sent directly from the credentialing service provider to the respective program’s centralized application service (CAS). Accepted students must send official transcript evaluations directly from the credentialing service provider to the Registrar’s Office.
    2. All applicants who are non-native speakers of English, regardless of previous language of instruction, are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A minimum TOEFL score of 500 is required on the paper-based exam, 80 on the internet-based exam, or 213 on the computer-based exam. Upon application, official TOEFL scores must be electronically sent directly from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to the respective program’s centralized application service (CAS). Accepted students must send official TOEFL scores directly from ETS to the Registrar’s Office at institution code 6431.
    3. Accepted students seeking an F1 student visa or who have entered the United States on an F1 student visa are required to submit a Financial Declaration Affidavit and Declaration by Financial Sponsor to the School of Allied Health Admissions Office 60 days prior to start date of their first semester. 

Method of Application

Application to the various programs of the School is made through a Liaison International Centralized Application Service (CAS). CAS is a cloud-based resource available to applicants via the Internet. Application materials, e.g. official transcript(s), must be sent directly to the respective program’s CAS. Some programs require supplemental items be sent directly to the school. 

Please refer to individual program’s websites for their respective application instructions-including admission criteria, deadlines, and associated fees-at or contact the Admissions and Records Office (SAHP Room 3-342) at (318) 813-2908 or

Acceptance Deposit

Upon notification of acceptance, a $150.00 non-refundable commitment fee is required. This fee will be credited toward the first semester’s tuition.

Pre-matriculation Tasks

Upon acceptance to the program, incoming students are required to successfully complete a series of tasks prior to matriculating to LSU Health Shreveport. Unless otherwise indicated, the pre-matriculation tasks and pertaining forms are issued to all newly accepted students from the Registrar’s Office. Incoming students should be aware that some records (e.g. transcripts) sent to the Centralized Application Service (CAS) upon initial application must be sent again directly to the Office of the Registrar upon acceptance.

Each pre-matriculation task is explained in further detail below:
a. Student Candidate Agreement & Authorization for Alcohol & Drug Test

LSU Health Shreveport requires all incoming students to complete a seven panel urine drug test and authorize release of test results as a condition of initial and continued admission to the university. Students incur no cost for testing through the University’s vendor. 

Once the release of the test results has been authorized, a test packet will be mailed to the student. Students must schedule their lab appointment at a testing center. Within several days, the test results are reported to the Human Resources Department. Should there be questions about the test results, the incoming student will be contacted by the Human Resources Officer. 

b. Federal Healthcare Eligibility

LSU Health Shreveport requires all incoming students to disclose prior ineligibility to participate in the federal healthcare programs. Incoming students are screened after the “Federal Healthcare Program Eligibility” form has been completed and submitted to the Registrar’s Office.  

c. Certification of Selective Service Compliance

Louisiana Law (Section 1,R.S. 17:3151 (A)) requires men to register with the selective service system, in accordance with the Military Selective Service Act, before enrollment at LSU Health Shreveport. Students should complete the “Certification of Selective Services Compliance” form and submit the registration compliance to the Registrar’s Office. This can be done by visiting .

d. Criminal Background Check

LSU Health Shreveport requires all incoming students to complete a criminal background check through the University vendor. Incoming students assume responsibility for the cost of this service.   
Incoming students are prompted to initiate their criminal background check via email. The results of the background check are available within 10 days.

Should any questionable, illegal, or negative indicators appear on the check, the SAHP Director of Admissions and Records will confer with the Program Director and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs regarding the most appropriate course of action. Many considerations are weighed including the effect of state and national licensure.

e. Immunizations

To ensure the health of students, faculty, and staff at the LSU Health Shreveport and to meet requirements based on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and American College Health Association Immunization Guidelines, all incoming students are required to provide documentation of required immunizations prior to start of classes to the Registrar’s Office. Failure to complete the required immunizations may delay students from progressing in their program.  

f. Transcripts

Incoming students must send official transcript(s) from each college-level institution ever attended (including any high school dual enrollment) to the Registrar’s Office. This is in addition to any transcripts sent to their respective Centralized Application Service (CAS) upon initial application. Students currently enrolled in a college-level institution should request that the transcript be sent AFTER final grades and/or degree conferment and conferment date have been posted.

h. Student Health Insurance

LSU Health Shreveport has a requirement that all currently enrolled students must either enroll in the policy endorsed by the school or complete a waiver and provide proof of acceptable insurance coverage by the waiver deadline.  Incoming students will receive email notification from the Registrar’s office regarding procedures for complying with this requirement. Please visit this website for more detailed information: .

Tuition & Fees Payment

Please note the following link regarding tuition and fee schedules along with information on payment of tuition and fees:

Students receive information concerning financial assistance from the Office of Financial Aid. Students are encouraged to visit and review the Student Rights and Responsibilities, Application and Awarding Process, Fee Payment and Disbursement of Aid, Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress as well as other important topics outlined.

Important reminders from the Office of Financial Aid:

  • The LSU Health Shreveport Title IV school code (for FAFSA and Loan Application Use) is: 00806700 
  • Please contact the Student Financial Aid Office for information at 318-675-5561 or


The School of Allied Health Professions holds a mandatory Orientation for all new students prior to the first semester of coursework. The event is facilitated by the SAHP Admissions and Records Office.  The primary focus is to ensure incoming students are warmly welcomed and supported during their transition to becoming a student on an academic health sciences center campus. Incoming students will learn about LSU Health Shreveport’s administration, important policies, and procedures as well as key student support services on campus. As part of the orientation process, incoming students will receive student identification cards, parking decals, and take their composite photos for the yearbook. 


Requirements for Graduation

The student must have fulfilled all requirements of each course, and have maintained at least the minimum scholastic requirements established by the program.

The student must be registered in the semester of anticipated graduation and pay the appropriate diploma fee.

The student must have met all financial obligations to the University at least ten days prior to graduation.

The student must attend commencement ceremonies, unless excused, in writing, by the Dean.

Degrees with Honors

Baccalaureate degrees are awarded summa cum laude to students whose quality point average falls within the range of 3.960 to 4.000, magna cum laude to students whose quality point average falls within the range of 3.860 to 3.959, and cum laude to students whose quality point average falls within the range 3.760 to 3.859. Scholastic honors are based on the overall quality point average for all course work attempted in pursuing the degree.

Commencement Ceremony

LSU Health Shreveport holds its commencement ceremonies in August and May. Students graduating in December will receive their diploma; however, there is not an official ceremony. Instead, these graduates may choose to participate in the spring commencement in May.

The graduation ceremony takes place at the Shreveport Convention Center in downtown Shreveport. Graduating students and faculty marshals march in cap and gowns (hoods are required for doctoral-level gradates). Professional photographs are taken of each student receiving a diploma. Purchasing arrangements are negotiated between the students and the photographer following the event. Students may order graduation invitations from the LSUHSC Bookstore two months prior to graduation. Instructions are mailed to graduating candidates regarding cap and gown orders, invitation orders, and general instructions surrounding the commencement ceremony in the months prior to the ceremony.